What is Growth Track?
Growth Track is an exciting new program that serves as your fast track to everything Freedom has to offer. Whether you’re new to the Freedom family or you’ve been a part of our church for years, this course will refresh your desire to go above and beyond in your spiritual journey and equip you with the tools and knowledge to get there. 
The entire program is divided into four sessions, which take place during Sunday school each Sunday at 10AM. Each week, you’ll not only get a closer look into the history of our church, but we’ll also learn together about the mission of Freedom Christian Fellowship and how each of us fit into the Freedom story. Then, you’ll have the chance to become an official member, take tests to find out more about your gifts and personality, and find an area in our church where you can fulfill your purpose. 
The four sessions are broken down as follows:
Freedom 101 (Week 1)
A basic introduction to our church family.
We’ll focus on:
– exploring where we came from and how Freedom came to be what it is today
– explaining who we are and what we believe
– answering questions about our mission and vision
Freedom Essentials 201 (Week 2)
Providing the tools necessary for each believer to become a spiritually mature disciple of Jesus Christ. 
We’ll focus on:
– learning principles and tips that will help us grow
– finding ways to connect with others at our church
Freedom Discovery 301 (Week 3)
Discovering your purpose.
We’ll focus on:
– learning more about your personality and gifts through personal assessments 
Freedom Dream Team 401 (Week 4)
God created you with gifts to fulfill an important need in our church.
We’ll focus on:
– finding the perfect place for each person to make a difference in our church and community 
– committing ourselves to the vision and mission of Freedom Christian Fellowship
Afraid of missing a week? Don’t worry. The entire Growth Track course repeats monthly, so if you miss a week you can pick up where you left off the next month. Check out the dates below for a full run down of session dates.
2/2 – Week One
2/9 – Week Two
2/16 – Week Three
2/23 – Week Four
3/1 – Week One
3/8 – Week Two
3/15 – Week Three
3/22 – Week Four
4/5 – Week One
4/12 – Week Two
4/19 – Week Three
4/26 – Week Four
At Freedom, we believe that when one of us succeeds, we all succeed. We’re looking forward to taking this journey with you to strengthen your relationship with Christ and your fellow believers.
Did we mention free stuff? Each person who completes Growth Track will receive a free gift!