Freedom surpasses usual church.

Things at Freedom are never business as usual. Every time we walk through the door, we are expecting to have a genuine encounter with God. That’s our wish for you, too. To us, being a follower of Jesus isn’t just about coming to church. It’s about cultivating an authentic relationship with God, through the blood of Jesus, by the power of the Holy Spirit. The kind of authentic relationship that brings us true peace and happiness, and calls us to work alongside our fellow believers to further God’s Kingdom and spread the Gospel.
Sound like a lot of work? It sure doesn’t feel like it! At Freedom Christian Fellowship, we strive to serve with utmost excellence, while having the time of our lives. We always have and always will keep Jesus at the center of everything we do. Through all of our family ministries and outreach programs, it’s our desire to show those around us that loving and serving God is the most enjoyable, fulfilling, and happy life that we can live.  We love encouraging and serving others because helping people is work worth doing.
People matter to God, and that’s why you’re so important to us.  So, whether you’re able to attend one of our worship services or simply watch us online, we’ve got two words for you: welcome home.
Planning to visit?